Meet the Owner

In 2021, our family adopted our first puppy. Since we were all working and schooling from home we thought we’d have plenty of time to exercise her. We quickly came to appreciate local dog parks in our area as our puppy seemed to have endless energy and a real need to socialize.

Soon we became friends with other people with the same daily routine of going to the dog park.

Upon moving to Charlottesville, we noticed the local dog parks were often overcrowded and lacked the necessary owner engagement to ensure safety. We noticed a robust dog loving community that often brings their dog along with them to socialize with friends. In this setting the dog is limited to staying on leash at their feet typically resting under a restaurant table. 

With a drive to provide solutions to these observations, and a fresh certificate of completion of the Community Investment Collaborative’s Entrepreneurship Workshop, The Back Porch was born! 

With a mobile dog park onsite at popular local venues, dog owners enjoy a safe and playful gathering place for their dogs to run while they connect socially with friends. The Back Porch is an excellent way for dog owners to socialize while their pets enjoy the open space, fresh air, and exercise that comes along with the freedom of being off leash.  

We are delighted to provide a mobile pop-up place for the community of dog enthusiasts to come together and enjoy the company of great friends, two-legged and four legged. 

Let’s create good days for good dogs!

Mandie Crombie