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The Back Porch Mobile Dog Park

Serving Charlottesville and surrounding areas

The Back Porch is a one-of-a-kind mobile dog park focused on providing a way for dog owners to enjoy their social activities alongside their dog. Our goal is to provide a pop-up, fully supervised, off leash dog park where dogs and their humans can enjoy a safe and welcoming space that promotes health while offering quality opportunities to strengthen social connectedness.

We provide a fully staffed, engaging, off-leash, fenced area as an onsite event, held at local venues. Dog owners pay an hourly fee to leave their dog at The Back Porch while they socialize onsite with friends. Health and temperament requirements, as well as onsite Bark Rangers, to engage and clean up after the dogs, ensure the safety of our park.

The Back Porch provides a path for folks to choose a location to socialize that will not only ensure great conversation amongst friends, but also a healthy, happy four legged companion. Why be out with friends with your dog on a leash at your feet, when you can head to a location hosting The Back Porch and provide a good day for your good dog!

How it works

How it Works


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Park Rules

Park Rules

Come enjoy our park at Winter Wander!


                                                               November 17

                                                               November 18

                                                               November 19

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